I have a personal interest in working with clients who suffer from acne. Bourne out of my own personal experience I offer help, advice and bespoke treatments to help clients living with the different types of acne. 
From everything I’ve read and studied, acne is mostly connected to hormone changes whether you’re male or female. These changes can be caused by puberty, medication, stress, or menopausal symptoms. My own adult acne bout was the result of my GP changing my contraceptive pill which sent my hormones hey-wire and almost overnight I developed severe adult acne. If you saw me now you wouldn’t think I’d had acne but I know and the fear of it recurring never leaves me! 
What causes the spots / blackheads 
When our hormone balance is disturbed for whatever reason it appears to cause a change in the constitution of the cells that line the hair follicle canal (the pore). No one seems to know why, but these internal cells become sticky. Under normal circumstances the cell linings of the follicle are swept out by the emerging sebum (your skins natural oil). However, once they become sticky the sebum can no longer rinse them out. Instead they adhere to the sides of the canal causing blockages. This in turn means that the sebum builds up and soon becomes infected. You may then start to see blackheads / whiteheads / hard lumps or even pustules or a combination of all. 
Acne cannot survive in an oxygenated environment which is why it thrives when pores are blocked. However, over cleansing and over stimulating using the wrong methods and products can easily make matters worse. 
Whether you are experiencing teenage acne or adult acne, please contact me to discuss your individual concerns on 07824 304403 or 01604 820442. 
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