Sun Damage 

I’m going to do my best not to go into a ‘rant’ on this subject but forgive me if I do! I know a lot of you love the sun and there are good things about the sun, it supplies vital vitamin D for starters. However please use a product everyday on your face, neck and décolleté that has sun protection in it. There are lots of multi-tasking products available – my theory is that by using a moisturiser/sun protection combo you are expecting the cream to be extremely clever! On the one hand you want the moisturiser to absorb and therefore nourish, moisturise and hydrate your skin, on the other hand, you ask asking it to stay on the surface and protect your skin from the sun! Personally, I prefer to use a stand-alone product and for this reason I include in my morning routine a lovely layer of Heliocare factor 50 gel or Clinicare factor 30 - both provide excellent invisible sun protection. The Heliocare is a lovely peachy colour, it smells like heaven and is suitable for all skin types and great with problem and temperamental skin. Of course, it goes without saying both products provide UVA and UVB protection and you can simply pop make-up over the top. In fact, they act like a little primer so simply perfect! I stock both products and they are equally popular with my client base. Please listen to me here, prevention is better than cure! 
So what is it about the sun and why does it cause so much damage? 
It’s not just spending a few weeks on holiday in the sun that ages the skin, its everyday life that, if anything, can cause even more damage. Most people prepare for a holiday and take sunscreen with them. However UV rays penetrate through glass in the home, at work and in the car. If you need proof, take a look at upholstery or cushions that have been near a window. Of the two UV rays, UVB does more damage than UVA because UVB slams into the skin with much more energy producing both DNA and free radical damage. UVB also causes worse sunburn and produces darker tanning than UVA. 
However, don’t think that UVA is safe, despite what some ‘tanning places’ would have us believe! A blast of UVA will still produce chemical changes in the skin. The best way to think of UV damage is if you were driving your car over a road of nails. The majority of the nails are shorter ones (UVA) and whilst they will cause some damage it isn’t until you’ve driven over quite a few that you’ll get a flat. The larger / sharper nails represent the UVB rays and just one single larger nail could instantly produce a flat tyre. 
Your DNA will always try to repair any damage caused to your body and skin. However, it doesn’t always repair all of the resulting damage on a daily basis and as we age the repair process slows down anyway. The bottom line is therefore to protect your skin every day, summer / winter, sunshine / cloud from the sun! Just in case you didn’t hear me above, that means your neck and décolleté too!!!!! 
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