Tips and Advice 

Sun Damage 

Prevention is better than cure. 90% of age related skin issues are as a direct result of sun damage. I teach my clients about the importance of protecting theirskin from the sun. Prevention is better than cure so start now and use sunscreen every day.  
I can offer you two types of sunscreen to purchase. Both are great and work well pre make-up. 
Please don’t think you’re protected from UV rays in the home or in the car as the sun penetrates glass. If you need proof, look at a cushion or fabric that’s been in front of a window 

Neck and Perfume 

The skin on our neck and décolleté is very delicate. A mistake ladies make is that they don’t protect these areas. Our necks take a real bashing from the sun and environmental damage. If it isn’t protected it will soon start to age. My rule is whatever you do with your face continue the routine down your neck (around the back of the neck too) and the décolleté. Use an oil or cream last thing at night and by day sun protection as well – whatever the weather.  
I advise that if you spray perfume on your neck / décolleté then please stop. 
The alcohol that is in most perfumes reacts with the UV rays and can easily burn your skin. The best place for perfume is on your pulse points, say inside wrists, crook of your elbow or on your body before you get dressed. 

Eye Area 

The skin around your eyes is the most delicate of all your skin. Treat it with absolute respect and don’t pull the skin. 
Use an ear bud to tap your products around the eye area. 
Add a little eye cream or eye gel to your foundation and tap it under the eye as an alternative under eye concealer. 
Keep a couple of teaspoons in the freezer and when you wake up to ‘excess baggage’ roll the smooth back of the spoon under your eyes for a few minutes to help remove puffiness. 
The same principle works if, like me, you suffer from puffy eye lids in the morning. 
Don’t over cleanse. 
I personally don’t cleanse my skin again in the morning. I massage my skin with some of my facial oil then I fill a bowl with a few ice cubes and cold water and splash my face with this. If I’m feel very ‘puffy faced’ I will immerse a face cloth into the bowl and press that to my skin. I then pat my skin dry and it definitely tightens my pores and makes me look fresher 
I’m not a fan of toners as a lot of them seem to contain harsh ingredients that can easily irritate or dry skin. I prefer to use my organic rosewater mist and after cleansing sprtiz this onto my skin and gently press it in until my skin is dry. It hydrates my skin and again tightens my pores 
Don’t ‘over exfoliate’ your skin. The top layer of your skin is there for a good reason – it’s packed with vitamins A, C and E and is there as a natural barrier. By all means use a mild exfoliator once per week to remove dead / dull skin cells but no more. Using a face cloth or muslin on your skin is a lovely gentle way to deep cleanse your skin 

Skin Tantrums 

Most of us experience ‘skin tantrums’ from time to time. Spots seem to come at the most inappropriate times. After you’ve cleansed your skin in the evening, cover an ice cube either with a damp tissue or cotton pad and run this over the spot. Don’t freeze your skin; just let the area become nicely ‘cool’. Repeat this on an off for around 5-10 minutes – it really does work at reducing the inflammation that’s lurking lower down. 

Make-up Tips 

Leave a good 5 minutes after moisturising your skin and before you apply your foundation – it will go on so much better. 
When applying your tinted moisturiser or foundation, warm it slightly on the fingers and then press into your skin rather than rubbing it in. 
If you’re using powder blusher again leave a few minutes so that you’re not pulling the foundation off. 
Try wiping excess mascara off the brush before you use it. It tendsto stop clogged eye lashes. 
Ruby and Miller make a brilliant heated eye lash curler available at Boots. 
Keep your skin hydrated during the day with my organic rosewater mist. It’s great after you’ve applied your make-up as it gives your skin a lovely dewy look. 
Keep it clean. 
Oh my, I could have written an article in the Daily Mail today which sited that when test products were examined on beauty counters they all contained e-coli! Well whilst I didn’t know that bit, I have NEVER been tempted to use ‘test products’ in shops whether it’s lipstick or blusher brushes 
Please get into the habit of washing all make-up brushes every week. They harbour bugs and infections that can play havoc with your skin. Wash them in a mild gentle hand wash and let them dry naturally. You’ll find your make-up will go on so much better with a clean brush. 
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